Monday, June 29, 2015

Back to the Blog

The High Road (Diptych)                      Oil/Cold Wax on Deep Cradled Panels

I can't believe I haven't written a blog post since April. What's that about? In part it's about being busy, but more, I think, about my tendency to post news on FB instead. I have been thinking about the purpose of art blogs and what I want mine to be as I resume posting.

I do see the blog as a publicity tool, but I want it to be more than that. I'm interested in sharing news about other artists, art tools and methods, art inspirations and ruminations. In today's post I will be sharing some of my work and accomplishments, but also those of another artist I admire. 

I have recently received my advance copy of my new book from North Light! I'm delighted how my work and the work of my talented contributors looks. The book comes out on August 19 and can be pre-ordered now at Amazon or The North Light Shop. I'll be profiling my 12 contributors in future posts.

I had included a resource page in the book, but for some reason it didn't appear in this printing. I've posted the resources on my website. On my resource page I give thanks and appreciation to the artist who has generously shared with many her vast knowledge and expertise in the medium of oil and cold wax. This is Rebecca Crowell, who is currently co-writing her own book on oil and wax. (Hers will be out in 2016, so read mine this year, and hers next year!)

Mayo Coast 3       Rebecca Crowell   Oil/Cold Wax on Panel

Quick note about my classes: My July class in Yachats, OR is full. There are still spots open in my oil and cold wax class at The Miller Studio in Seattle, August 15 & 16. Information/Registration on my site.

Friday, April 24, 2015

Last Missive from Artiscape

"Waxing Literary with Charlotte" was the first class I taught at Artiscape, and the last but not least, that I'm sharing here. I want to share these lovely assemblages before I leave on Sunday for Art and Soul Retreat, just outside of Kansas City. (More on that below.)

The "Charlotte" class was really fun! All of the Artiscape classes were half day, so students had to jump in and create. This class rose to the challenge and made these great assemblages. Each person brought an unwanted book. We covered the books in encaustic medium and paint, collage, and a wide variety of embellishments. Each student received a genuine Frozen Charlotte doll. I love what they did! 


I'll be teaching four classes in Excelsior Springs MO starting next Monday! Art and Soul Retreat will be held at the historic Elms Hotel and Spa--a lovely old lodge with lots of atmosphere. (And they say, a ghost...) I still have a few spots open in my classes, so if you are planning to attend or want to, check them out! 

Thursday, April 23, 2015

"Wabi-Sabi Wonder" at Artiscape

This Artiscape class was so enjoyable. Each student received four 6" x 6" flat wood panels. The class introduced the basic concept of wabi-sabi and of creating "visual haiku" with the media at hand. We used paint, re-inkers, alcohol ink, old book pages, teabags, specialty paper, and whatever else anyone could find. 

This was a half day class, and I am pretty darn impressed with the innovative and meaningful pieces that emerged. I hope you enjoy viewing them!