Thursday, August 30, 2012

An Alchemical Tutorial

Here's a little tutorial that shows you how transform a collage piece that didn't work out into something wonderful. Hope you enjoy it!

Monday, August 27, 2012

Busy Days Coming Up

Are you sad to see summer ending? I know I am in many ways. I love the more relaxed pace (even though I'm working, I feel more relaxed.) I've had so much fun with my grandson, attending five outdoor Shakespeare plays and the high-toned classic, Men in Black III at the local Academy Theater.

The last few days I've started to feel the excitement of fall and new projects stirring in me. I've finished filming my online encaustic class for Creative Workshops. I'm grateful to Gail for hosting the class and  to Julia Gardner for filming! The go-at-your-own-pace workshop opens on October 22.

Ready to film!

The talented and patient Julia

Here's an intro to the class. You can see more here:

 Now it's time to get ready to teach at Art Is...You in Petaluma! More on that in the next post.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Blooper from my online class

This past week my friend, Julia, and I have been filming my next online class at her studio. It's a beginning encaustic class and I'm very excited that it will be up on the Creative Workshops site in mid-September. 

It was really hot for Portland last week and there I was, working over a hot wax griddle all day. So I got a little tired and careless...this scene won't be in the final product!

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Encaustic Joy at the Beach

Our Portland chapter of International Encaustic Artists spend a wonderful weekend at Nye Beach, Newport on the Oregon coast. Saturday afternoon and Sunday we spent learning and experimenting with a variety of encaustic techniques. Shaun Doll of Seattle's Northwest Encaustics provided us with lots of new ideas and inspiration. 

"You Are Not Listening Now"  by Shaun Doll

It was such fun to hang out together as a group, watching how each artist uses materials and techniques in original ways.

Friday evening we held an Artists' Talk at the Newport Newport Visual Arts Center as part of our group encaustic exhibit, "Exquisite Wax." Saturday night we went to Ozone Gallery in Newport, to cheer on our member, Amy Royce, at her opening,  Here's an example of Amy's strong and evocative work.

"Aire Libre" by Amy Royce

My roommate Bridget Benton and I stayed at the Sylvia Beach Hotel. If you aren't familiar with this retreat at Nye Beach, I'll just say that it is a Oregon Coast institution. Each lovely room is named for a well-known writer, and is decorated as that writer's own room might be. We stayed in the Amy Tan room.

A few of my weekend's experiments--all in my wabi-sabi style.

"Enter"               Encaustic/Mixed Media  

The above piece began with torched wood glue on a wood panel. I brushed encaustic medium over this area.The center image is a print done from my hand-carved block and outlined in encaustic paint.

"Stack of Bowls"  Encaustic/Mixed Media

The piece above consists of encaustic paint and tissue prints done from my carved block and from the soles of my shoes. You can see the incised areas, especially at the top of the piece.

"Chalice" Encaustic/Mixed Media

This piece above has encaustic paint, and roofing tar. It was enhanced by fusing shellac and rubbing with India ink. I did this over a piece someone from another group had painted and abandoned. Although I covered the old piece, the red lines above came through, adding interest. (I love working over old pieces!)

"Chosen"  Encaustic/Mixed Media

This simple piece may be my favorite. The golden wax illuminates the subtle difference in several shades of encaustic paint and showcases the translucence for which encaustic is famous. 

Thanks to all who made this wonderful weekend possible!