Friday, November 28, 2014

Visual Haiku in Salem

Last weekend I was privileged to teach at a new venue for me: The Art Department, Inc. in Salem, Oregon. Owner Katy Vigeland is a delight to work with and I was thrilled that she took the class also.

I lived in Salem many years ago and there was nothing like The Art Department there then. That was long before I became an artist, though as I told the class, I may have become one much sooner if there had been a store like Katy's in Salem when I was there.

The class was called "Visual Haiku." It's a  concept that is a bit hard to explain, but everyone got it! They all did really complex and lovely work. Here are some works from the class, both finished and in progress. I showed the class how to seal their pieces with cold wax. Apparently in doing so I got cold wax on my camera lens, rendering a few of the pictures unusable. Those of you who know me won't be a bit surprised.