Sunday, June 19, 2011

Encaustic Workshop Coming Up

Detail of "Palimpsest"  Encaustic on Wood

"Mind Your Own Beeswax"
Saturday, July 16, 2011 1-5:30
85. Supplies provided
Fall in love with the aromatic, luminous, and versatile properties of beeswax in the form of encaustic painting! Learn how to build up layers, add color, and add collage elements. No previous art experience needed—just lively curiosity and willingness to risk addiction to painting with wax! Register here.

Birthday Party

Happy Birthday, Rob!

 Yesterday my partner and I went to Albany OR for my stepfather's 82nd birthday. Neither of us was related by blood to anyone present. You can read my partner's description of the event here.

My children and grandson couldn't be there but present were: my stepfather who was married to my mother for 31 years before she died, his current partner, my stepdad's daughter from his first marriage, her son, her stepdaughter, and her stepdaughter's son.

The prefix "step" comes from an Anglo-Saxon word, "steop" which means bereavement. All these step relationships were born out of losses of divorce or death. The new relationships have "stepped" in to fill the emptiness and create a new loving family.

Sunday, June 5, 2011

Show at Comma

The Fam minus a few who couldn't make it

A few pictures of my opening at Comma Spa, Winery and Gallery. I was so busy taking photos of my extended family, I didn't take many of the art or other guests. Hope if you are local, you'll check out the show and the great spa services available!

Dot with guests Allan and Gary

Claudia: Gouache on Board

Adorable Lily, my stepfather's partner's granddaughter(got that?)

Me with three portraits after old masters

Teahouse 3

Teahouse 2

Teahouse 1

"The Egg and I" Workshop

Katie's First Painting in Class

Here are some photos from "The Egg and I'" egg tempera painting workshop yesterday.  As you'll see, egg tempera works well for Renaissance-type portraits, contemporary style paintings, abstracts, and collages!

My demo of Egg Tempera with Collage

My Class Demo in Progress

Susan's Abstract Landscape Begins

Susan's Completed Landscape--It Glows!

Katie's Picture in the Beginning

Katie decided she wanted to add collage elements to the above piece. Here's how it looked by the end of the workshop!
Katie's Finished Piece
 Katie added a specialty textured paper, collage paper, and red tissue paper for this wild and wonderful piece.

The haunting pieces below are Susan's works in progress. I can't wait to see pictures of them when they are finished!

Grieving Woman in Progress by Susan
Gentleman in Progress by Susan