Saturday, October 24, 2015

Art of Life Regroups

The women's art group, over which I loosely preside, met again for the first time since June. It was a delight to see old friends and welcome two new members. We had artists working on collage, acrylic painting, mixed media, and oil and cold wax painting. The studio was a beautiful mess. Love it!

Here are the results: Some are finished and some in process. 

Sarah's Oil/Cold Wax Piece

Connie's Acrylic Painting

Oil and Cold Wax in Process

Acrylic Painting in Process

Susana's Mixed Media Piece in Process

Iris' Image Transfer and Collage Piece 

Iris and I Worked on this Together, Using Her Photo
Carolyn's Painting in Process

Cindy's Mixed Media 3-D Piece

Saturday, October 10, 2015

Weathering the Storm with Visual Haiku at Art and Soul

This student was inspired by the storm outside!

The last class I taught at Art and Soul Retreat in VA Beach was after we'd learned that Hurricane Joaquin was not going to hit us. Therefore we were free to enjoy the exciting storm on Chesapeake Bay that we could see in the wall of windows in our classroom. We were inspired by haiku and also by the excitement nature provided for us to watch.

Each student had four flat birch panels to work on with collage, acrylic paint, and re-inkers. Despite this being an evening class, so short, all pitched in and created exciting and unique work. Thank you all for such a great evening!

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Tearing it Up.

While Hurricane Joaquin was threatening to tear us up in Virginia Beach, students in my "Tear it Up" class at Art and Soul Retreat, tore it up creatively. The class is designed to be fun and freeing and to help participants see possibilites. A lot of these pieces use magazine, book, and collage images to suggest wild, imaginary flowers in these whimsical collages.

I don't think I got pictures of all of them, but here are some to get you smiling.

Styles ranged from the blissfullly serene (above) to the delightfully surreal (below.)

Thank you, students for such an enjoyable day!  To see work from my oil and cold wax class, visit my other blog," Wabi-Sabi Inspiration: Cold Wax & More."