Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Tearing it Up.

While Hurricane Joaquin was threatening to tear us up in Virginia Beach, students in my "Tear it Up" class at Art and Soul Retreat, tore it up creatively. The class is designed to be fun and freeing and to help participants see possibilites. A lot of these pieces use magazine, book, and collage images to suggest wild, imaginary flowers in these whimsical collages.

I don't think I got pictures of all of them, but here are some to get you smiling.

Styles ranged from the blissfullly serene (above) to the delightfully surreal (below.)

Thank you, students for such an enjoyable day!  To see work from my oil and cold wax class, visit my other blog," Wabi-Sabi Inspiration: Cold Wax & More."

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Linda Kunsman said...

wow-this is such a wonderful display of rich and gorgeous projects!! Thanks so much too for the link which I am now subscribed to. I was really missing out -and you actually answered one of my several ?? about this new to me technique. Soon I will have my first one to share:):)Thank you!