Thursday, August 4, 2016

Special offer for Oil/Cold Wax workshop with me in Tuscany next year!

I'm so excited to announce here that my dream workshop in Italy next year is definitely a go!  

Watch the above video to see where you can be and what you can make with me next year in beautiful and inspiring Tuscany!

Mark-Making and Memories
Sept 15-25, 2017 Contignano, Italy

Join me in magical Contignano, Tuscany for an exciting workshop in my favorite medium ever! You’ll have an amazing trip, creating unique art works and touring Tuscany’s gorgeous hill towns. You’ll use your favorite shapes, colors, and marks to create stunning and atmospheric pieces that express your deepest self. You will explore using designs and doodles that have been part of you for many years anmix colors that evoke the places you have felt most at home.
You’ll learn more about your creative process and you’ll leave the workshop as a confident oil and cold wax painter. You’ll also leave with a lot of amazing and beautiful pieces!

Creating abstract art with oil paint and cold wax medium involves taking a journey into yourself and your world -without a map. The process is intuitive, bold and full of discovery. Your pieces will take on lives of their own through the many layers of oil and cold wax you apply, addition of mixed media elements, and the areas you choose to scrape away.
There are many opportunities for happy accidents and unexpected joys. Each oil and cold wax piece is a result of a moment in time and space where elements converge in a one-time- only way.
I’ll show you lots of techniques for adding layers, textures, graphic touches and atmosphere to your work. I let you in on the qualities unique to oil and cold wax. I encourage you to mix and match techniques in your own way and to develop your own style.
You’ll learn several ways to prepare your wood supports and we’ll also play with Arches oil paper, which needs no preparation before you dive in with paint and wax. You’ll learn how to use ordinary household tools to incise and make marks, how to scrape back for a dramatic look, and how to unify your compositions. You’ll learn how adding personal marks with oil bars and oil pastels enhances your pieces.
We’ll also cover adding collage, sand, plaster, marble dust, and collage elements to your pieces. You’ll learn how to use solvents to add unusual and unexpected effects. We’ll explore the creative process and ways to get your creativity flowing. You’ll be able to take inspiration photos on our visits to nearby towns and translate them into abstract works that evoke all that you experience on this Italian adventure.
Special Offer!
Register and pay in full by 9/20/16 and receive a significant tuition discount! For more information on our villa where we'll work and play and to register visit our host Lisa's site.