Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Oops and more pictures

(That last post wasn't supposed to say "oo" at the end. I was going to write oops, Blogger won't let me upload any more pictures:) So anyway, here are the rest from the Queen Bee Art Cottage class.

Lots of Pictures

Before I go to Art and Soul Retreat in Virginia Beach, I want to share a bunch of photos of creations from my Art of Life group and Sunday's class at Queen Bee Art Cottage in Olympia.

First, from The Art of Life women's group:

Now, from my beginning encaustic workshop at Queen Bee. A lot of photos, but I hope you'll enjoy seeing the variety of creative work from these intrepid students! These are just those of my photos that turned out--lots more pieces were made. (Part 1)


Sunday, February 19, 2012

Encaustic at Trinity

Yesterday's encaustic class at Trinity Episcopal Cathedral was so much fun! I had a wonderful bunch of students who got right down to creating and did an amazing amount of wonderful work in just three hours. 

Here are the pieces the students made. I hope I got them all. We're planning a longer class later on.

Three distinguished gentlemen find themselves
collaged into an abstract expressionist piece, 
creating a stunning and witty effect
From a dream by the same artist as above--powerful

 This student said she was a perfectionist but wanted to loosen up.
This is a strong piece with lines that are a little wavy.

 This was the same student's next piece--she really
loosened up, letting the torch move the wax around!

 This soothing piece was done by our class fiber artist-
-it reminds me fondly of a weaving--she did add some fabric.

 Some of the hand-painted paper I brought
serves as a focal point for this joyful piece.

 Our fiber artist again. She used a reproduction
of one of her quilts and added encaustic paint.
 (The photo doesn't do it justice!)

Shellac burning at the right adds the final touch to this
lively abstract.

 Another free form abstract from the same artist. A lot
of movement in this piece, like a dance.

 The same artist. He really went to town, adding 
a bold circle of faux gold leaf.

 This delicious encaustic collage makes me think of
Tuscany. The short blue strokes of paint are the perfect touch.

 A mysterious piece, enhanced by small areas 
where the student burned shellac. A symphony
of textures.

This was my class sample after a couple of reworkings.
I demonstrated incising and filling the incisions with oil paint.