Monday, February 6, 2012

"Learning to See" Class Work

Two courageous and talented women visited the studio on Saturday. Alison said she hadn't picked up a paintbrush in 20 years, despite having gone to design school years ago. She hadn't used acrylic before. Kelly is new also to acrylic painting, though she has taken encaustic classes from me.

We started out painting pears from realistic looking models and then moved on to painting portraits. I'm so happy to be able to share this exciting work!

Alison's Pear

I love the three dimensionality of this pear as well as the way the red of the background is reflected in the pear. The shadow is delicious!

Kelly's Pear

This was Kelly's first experiment with using a painting knife. The pear is vibrant and alive--a great  example of a Fauve-like piece! Love the reflective shadow also.


Alison's portrait of Victorine after Edouard Manet

 Alison captured Manet's use of strong light and shadow. She also captured the model's imperious gaze. She brought her own style to the piece as well, creating her own interpretation. A very strong piece!

Kelly's interpretation of Gwen John's self-portrait

Isn't it amazing that this is Kelly's first portrait ever? She hasn't quite finished it, but she has done a very nice job in rendering Gwen John's challenging face. Kelly's woman looks like a real person with real thoughts and feelings.

Thanks for a wonderful afternoon, Kelly and Alison. You really learned to see!

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