Monday, November 28, 2011

Open House and Class at Queen Bee Cottage and Online Class: Shameless Self-Promotion

At Queen Bee Art Cottage

If you are a Washington State-er come by the Queen Bee Art Cottage in Olympia this Friday, December 2, for an exciting Open House. I'll be showing and selling work along with other vendors at this inspiring retreat center.

I'll also be signing up students for my Queen Bee Cottage encaustic class, "Mind Your Own Beeswax", meeting Saturday, January 17 from 10-5:30. Contact me for more information about the class.


What an interesting learning experience preparing my first online class has been! I've been wanting to teach an online class for a couple of years, and have finally achieved my goal. 

"Camille "    Acrylic paint, alcohol ink,stamped text, collage on panel

Learn how to make a collage like this from a previous "failure"

The first step was obtaining a video camera, external microphone, etc. and learning to use them. The next step was finding my invaluable helper, Julia, who assists me in the filming. Then I learned that  Windows Movie Maker is completely useless on my computer, even though WMM comes with my computer. So after purchasing Adobe Premiere Elements, I was able to edit and add music to my videos. Now, I have bought a new computer as the video editing process may have hastened the end of my old second hand computer.

Was it worth it? Yes! I am very happy with the way the class videos turned out and with the techniques and processes I teach in "Layers of Memory and Imagination." I'm so pleased to be included in the online classes offered by Creative Workshops. I hope you'll check out the promo and class description and see if this class is for you or someone you know!


Tuesday, November 22, 2011

My first online class debuts in January!

 I am so excited to announce that my first online class begins January 16 through Shabby Cottage Studio and Creative Workshops! I have really appreciated the site owner, Gail Schmidt as she has patiently waited for my class to be completed. I also couldn't do this without my artist friend, Julia Gardner, who has been helping me film each segment of the class.

The class, "Layers of Memory and Imagination", is aimed at both beginners and those who want some new inspiration and techniques.Here's the description from the website:

You’ll learn to create magical collages in an exciting and productive workshop!  I’ll guide you through:
 Mixing luscious layers with re-inkers, acrylic paint, and glaze medium
 Using alcohol inks, stencils, handwritten text, a variety of papers
 Three fun methods of adding photo transfers to collage
 Choosing the best images for your collages
 Composition tips for making your chosen images pop and for creating a balanced collage
 Combining paint and papers to add mystery to your pieces
 Enjoying and building on so called “mistakes”
 Sealing your collages with a variety of mediums and adding finishing touches
You’ll come away from this class with several gorgeous collages and all the tools you need to keep creating collages incorporating your memories and your imagination.

You can see a short promo here. I hope to work with some of my far-off artist friends in "Layers of Memory and Imagination"!

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

50's-60's Inspiration

Realities     Encaustic Collage on Panel

 I don't get network TV, relying on Netflix instead, so I'm always behind in watching a series. I have been watching the acclaimed series Mad Men, about ad executives in the late 50's and early 60's. I've been impressed by how well the series captures the ambiance of the times. 

I was in junior high and high school during the times the series covers (at least what I've seen so far.) I was a precocious reader. While I was still in jr. high I read The Saturday Review, Theater Arts, Show, and Realities (pronounced the French way.) These now defunct magazines were full of gorgeous images and writing that covered literature, theater, cultures of the world, art, and more. First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy brought world-renowned artists, writers, and musicians to the White House. Some of the best Broadway plays of the century were written and produced during this period.

While there was a certain amount of kitsch during the period I'm talking about, it was also a time of innovative and powerful design trends. I did a couple of new encaustic collages yesterday inspired by the color schemes, art, and design of the period. I plan to do more soon.

 New Society         Encaustic Collage on Panel

Above: a precursor of Bob Dylan's Leopard Skin Pillbox Hat with Abstract Expressionist color and design.