Thursday, October 25, 2012

Teri's Beautiful Encaustic Book

Teri is an enthusiastic and talented artist who took two of my classes at Art is...You. Her blog post has delicious pictures of the book she created and also the portrait she did in encaustic. Thanks for being a wonderful student, Teri!

The front of Teri's book

The back of Teri's book    

Monday, October 15, 2012

Prompted to Create at Art is...You

I taught a new class at Art is...You in Stamford called "Prompted to Create." I had so much fun teaching or I should say, facilitating this workshop! We had a small and intimate group of students eager to plunge in to a variety of art prompts, exercises, and all around playfulness. Early in the class students created an image of their inner critic. We talked back to these critics and removed much of their power. As a final activity students each created a shrine to their muse.

Thanks to all you wonderful students for getting into the spirit of the class and for embodying the spirit of play!

Friday, October 12, 2012

Student Blog Tells All

On her blog, Art is...You student and artist Judy Shea shared her photos and great descriptions of my "Waxing Literary with Charlotte" class and Marybeth Shaw's class, "More is Less" Judy was new to Art is...You, but gave her classes and projects her all!  Check out her blog! Thanks, Judy!

Me mixin' up the encaustic medium

The inside of Judy's gorgeous wax and mixed media book   

Art is...You in Stamford CT

I had a wonderful time teaching in Stamford for Art is...You. Despite 30 lbs. of beeswax vanishing mysteriously before it got to me, I was able to teach three classes with amazing students who did amazing work. Thanks to Sallianne who rounded up more wax so I could teach the first day!

Here are photos from "Wax Reflections", a class where students created gorgeous portraits in encaustic medium. I had brought enough encaustic medium to get us started and the additional wax arrived before we needed it. The fuses in the room tripped a few times until the hotel staff managed to keep them from doing so. All part of the retreat experience, sometimes. Despite these glitches, I am blown away by what these brave students created!



Wednesday, October 10, 2012

"Altered Alchemy" at Art and Soul

Before I share photos from the second class I taught at Art and Soul last week, let me show you what I came home to...We had water damage to two bathrooms a few weeks before the retreat. Now asbestos folks have come and gone as well as the damage cleanup people. Now we're ready to reconstruct the bathrooms. Happy retreat memories sustain me during this process!

The gutted upstairs bathroom. Kinda wabi-sabi?

Now I'll get to the good stuff. This class was subtitled "Altered Books 101." We covered preparing the books, backgrounds, photo transfers, adding embellishments, and a lot more. I hope I led the students into becoming altered book addicts like myself!