Sunday, September 13, 2015

Local Library Blooming with Charlotte's Waxy Book

Not only do our local branch libraries provide books, DVDs, computers etc. but our library system offers art classes! I was fortunate to teach a lively group of seven students today. They created an assemblage with a used book, a Frozen Charlotte doll, encaustic medium, encaustic paint, and a wild assortment of embellishments, dried plant matter, teabags, collage papers, and in one case, "Something I found on the floor that I knew would look good in my piece."

The students were all new to encaustic but took to it with gusto. I am so impressed by these creations which were made in 3 hours. A very fun afternoon for all of us!

This book is a transformed copy of Treasure Island. Charlotte's drape is a piece of dried teabag.

The maker of this piece had Venice in mind

An Asian look for this waxy book. Charlotte is surrounded by dried tea flakes.

We all got a kick out of this piece: Charlotte goes wild!

A  creepy and mysterious Goth piece

This piece has a strong East Indian feel. The copper and gold accents were done with large creamy oil pastels.

This book has some deliberately torn pages on the left. The bold swathes of purple and turquoise were the perfect finishing touches.