Tuesday, May 25, 2010

More Pictures

A teabag experiment.

At first the teabag image looked like a door, so I stamped enter above it. After more fusing, it looks more like a house on fire. And here I am inviting the viewer to enter. What can it all mean?

Untitled Shrine
Plaster, wood, encaustic medium, original photograph, Italian potpourri, dried flower, oil, paper, teabag, Frozen Charlotte doll, and encaustic paint

I did this shrine with an unfinished plaster piece from a class I took last year. I like the sense of freedom that comes from working with an old piece where I don't feel the pressure Not To Waste Materials. I'll look at it a while longer until I figure out its story and title.

No Title Yet
Encaustic on Wood Panel

This is one of the Wabi-Sabi wax pieces I've been experimenting with. The cup is an image that shows up in my work fairly regularly, usually when I want to be filled up with energy and creativity.

Mystery Window

Bohemian Digs behind I've Been Framed store

Roan Innish
Encaustic on Wood Panel

I will mention for the upteenth time how hard it is to photograph encaustic pieces. You just can't capture the shine...

Hunting and Gathering today yielded this new nest for my collection

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Wabi-Sabi Wax and Andrea's Show

Encaustic/Oil on Wood Panel

I've been playing with creating Wabi-Sabi inspired paintings in wax. I did the above Friday night. More coming later!


I strongly urge you to see Encaustic artist Andrea Benson's show at
23 Sandy Gallery. I'm going to try to catch her talk and demo on Saturday. Andrea has an amazing style all her own--her work is exquisite and not to be misse

Monday, May 10, 2010

Recommended Show!

From Mar Goman's show at Re-Vision Gallery

I've written many times about SCRAP (School/Community Reuse Action Project), the amazing source of all kinds of supplies for mixed media work. I went on a Hunting and Gathering trip there the other day, coming home with a new slew of magazines for collage images, fabric scraps, a couple of art books, and assorted gee-gaws. While I was there I felt fortunate to be able to see Mar Goman's installation at the Re-Vision Gallery adjacent to the store.

Mar has used recycled, repurposed, and reimagined objects to tell a powerful story. Her show depicts the life of "Lucy" and other women consigned to mental hospitals for being different in some way from what was considered the norm. Be sure to catch this intense and moving show this month!

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Fooling Around with Spirits

The outside of my new old book

While I've been sick I've been fooling around with this altered book. I'm pretending it was written by a very old woman who has been a spirit medium and accompanied her late husband around the U.S., England, and Italy. The husband was a photographer of spirits.

This old lady can't use her hands too well, but she created this album to remember better days. Spirit photography was very popular toward the end of the 19th century. If you google spirit photographs you'll see lots of them, and very fakey they are, too. I wanted the photographs in the book to look fake also, though my old lady believes in them completely. It's hard to read her margin notes, so I'll add them under the pictures.

Left: "Spirit Photograph, Mrs. Nelcott and Son."
Right: "Monsieur Armande with his spirit guide.
Taken at his last seance before leaving for the Continent."

Left: "Spirit Photographs taken in Italy by my Dear Husband--
May he rest in peace."
Right: "Mr. Vance and his Sister's Spirit"

Left: "June 1889. Pupils of Miss Freeman's School.
Two of them are now Mediums--Miss Price (back left)
and Miss Griggs (right front.) Miss Price may have the
Greater Gift. I found a button belonging to Miss Price."
Right: "I hope I am not immodest in including this--A
photograph of Me with my Crystal Ball and a Spirit--1875."

Left: The Haunted Door Plate at Crossley Manor, Suffolk
"We Saw This"
Right: "My dear Henry took this of Mrs. Pettigrew, the Medium.
My Mentor"

Left: "Augusta Jane Taylor-The Youngest Medium
in this Country with a materializing Spirit. Aged 9 at
this Time. Such a Dear."

Pretty silly, but fun to write and create as someone else!

Friday, May 7, 2010

OMG: Golden Oldies

A Celestial Theme circa 1993

I've been lolling around a lot the last two weeks due to my having caught the LP version of the cold that's going around. It's a terrible thing to feel too sick to make art or go look at it! Tonight while I was surfing the net and despairing of my messy desk, my eyes fell on a stack of old photos that had surfaced while I was looking for envelopes.

So, I may regret it, but I'll try to entertain you with some of my Very Early Work. My visual art career began with painting on home-made muslin pillows. I used fabric paint and was very proud when I managed to produce something identifiable.

The pillow below was done in 1992. It was one of my favorites at the time.

She's Always in the Garden (large detail)

Can't remember the name of this one from 1994

This is from '93 or so...I still kinda like it.

One of my first paintings in acrylic on canvas,
done in 1995 after my first trip to Italy.

It's interesting looking at this old work. I can see my growth as an artist, technically and conceptually, while at the same time I love remembering the magic of starting to make art. I can see the liveliness and joy I put into these pieces. Now, many years later, I want to recapture that feeling more often in my work. As art becomes a career there are so many temptations and pressures that can stifle joy and spontaneity. This is where play is so important. And getting out and seeing things.

Tomorrow I'm going to go out and See, whether I feel good or not. Tomorrow evening I'll spend time with my grandson which is some of the best magic I know.