Tuesday, May 25, 2010

More Pictures

A teabag experiment.

At first the teabag image looked like a door, so I stamped enter above it. After more fusing, it looks more like a house on fire. And here I am inviting the viewer to enter. What can it all mean?

Untitled Shrine
Plaster, wood, encaustic medium, original photograph, Italian potpourri, dried flower, oil, paper, teabag, Frozen Charlotte doll, and encaustic paint

I did this shrine with an unfinished plaster piece from a class I took last year. I like the sense of freedom that comes from working with an old piece where I don't feel the pressure Not To Waste Materials. I'll look at it a while longer until I figure out its story and title.

No Title Yet
Encaustic on Wood Panel

This is one of the Wabi-Sabi wax pieces I've been experimenting with. The cup is an image that shows up in my work fairly regularly, usually when I want to be filled up with energy and creativity.

Mystery Window

Bohemian Digs behind I've Been Framed store

Roan Innish
Encaustic on Wood Panel

I will mention for the upteenth time how hard it is to photograph encaustic pieces. You just can't capture the shine...

Hunting and Gathering today yielded this new nest for my collection

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Jessica - Domestic PDX said...

These are lovely, Serena, and so interesting to look at. I know what you mean about the challenge of photographing encaustics. They always look richer in person.