Tuesday, June 1, 2010

"Mind Your Own Beeswax, Part 2" and Announcement

Karen's mixed media/encaustic fantasia (large detail) She used fabric and trim and incising for this joyous piece

Donna's first encaustic--can you believe it? Wow.

Two of KC's small evocative encaustics The one on her left is dedicated to her father

Saturday was part 2 of "Mind Your Own Beeswax." We had some fiery ladies at this workshop as well as in part 1. They expanded on what they'd done previously with some great results!

KC casually holds her piece in hand as she torches. What is it about women and torches? We love 'em!

KC used some specialty paper here to great effect

KC's gorgeous landscape She made about 11 small pieces Saturday! I wish I'd been able to get pictures of all of them!

Donna is a talented professional painter. She wanted to try encaustic to add to her repertoire, and fell in love with it!

Donna whipped out this free and vibrant flower complete with interesting drips and incisions

We all loved Donna's enchanting face--she painted it in oil over encaustic and then added more encaustic to it

Karen ponders her next move

Karen began this piece with a color laser print, transferred onto the wood panel with a blender pen. The transfer came out perfectly.

This is the finished piece. The silver swirls were originally cut from fabric. When she collaged them down, they lost their pattern. Karen then painted them with encaustic paint and incised decorative lines into them. The fabric was nice originally, but now it is Awesome!

Encaustic work doesn't have to be flat. Karen started
this box assemblage. Note the lovely burned edges on the paper-
it makes a great effect as long as it's controlled!


Next Workshop: "Altered Alchemy"

This favorite workshop meets on June 26 from 1-5:30. Bring an old book to alter. All other supplies included.Transform an old boring book in to your own fascinating work of art! Come join us for this mind and book-altering workshop. You can create a cherished keepsake or a travel journal for this summer’s vacation! To register, go here. To see pictures from previous classes, go here to the new page I've started to show student photos.


shiffersmith said...

wow!!! what a art and creativity...Out of all these, I love Donna's enchanting face painting...ferienwohnungen spanien

Jessica - Domestic PDX said...

Looks like an amazing class. I too am thoroughly enchanted by Donna's painting. Gorgeous.