Thursday, October 18, 2007

A Bold, Vibrant Show opening First Friday

Sierra Briano, a passionate and powerful artist, will show new work at The Art of Your Life First Friday Art Show on November 2. I've loved Sierra's work ever since I first saw it and she keeps growing as an artist, exploring new terrain with a bold gusto. The upcoming show is called "Immigration Reform" and is a political and humorous look at ethnic and class issues in the U.S.

Sierra received her BFA from Marylhurst. She has shown at many galleries locally and out of state. She has received several grants for public art. Sierra was an inspiration for me in my commitment to becoming an artist in mid-life.

I'll get to see all the work when I help hang it, but I'll miss the First Friday at Art of Your Life as I have a show opening in Seattle that night. I hope all who can will come join Sierra to see this amazing work and to enjoy her bountiful and humorous personality. The First Friday show is part of the Central Eastside Arts District Art Walk. (

Saturday, October 6, 2007

Pictures from Encaustic Romance Show

Eight of us from the Portland Chapter of International Encaustic Artists had a great time at "Encaustic Romance", the First Friday show at The Art of Your Life Studio. Our many guests seemed to be having a wonderful time also. Several were introduced to encaustic work for the first time by seeing the show. Some were just starting their own encaustic paintings, while still others were experienced artist themselves. Many people noted that the show was striking in that it showed such a wide variety of work, all made with beeswax, resin, and pigment. Some of the work introduced collage elements into the encaustic pigment.

I did something weird with my camera later in the evening. I don't know what happened as my camera is too complicated for me to understand fully. Anyway, as you can see, the crowd scene looks like a bunch of ghosts. I assure you, everyone there was real, having a "real" good time.

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Two More Workshops in 2007 and Other News

The Nature of the Signs for the Seattle show, Vestiges

Work by first-time portrait painters in previous workshops

Day of the Dead Shrine Box

Here we are suddenly deep into fall. Like most people I know, I'm finding myself unbelievably busy. At the same time I'm going around so darn happy because I am doing what I love.

Right now I'm getting ready for this coming First Friday's show at The Art of Your Life, "Encaustic Romance." The seven other artists have delivered their work, amazing in its variety. I'm also getting ready for a show at Frame Up Studios in Seattle's Fremont District on the First Friday of November. I'll have a solo show there called "Vestiges." While I'm celebrating First Friday in Seattle, painter Sierra Briano will be showing at The Art of Your Life. Her newest work has a political but humorous bent and deals with immigration issues. Look for more about this show soon!

If you want to take some unusual art workshops before the year ends, mark your calendars for these:

October 28: Dia de los Muertos Fiesta

Play and celebrate while you construct a Day of the Dead shrine for someone you want to remember and honor. We’ll have lots of inspiring materials on hand and join together in a feast for our loved ones. Tuition: 60. Bring copies of special photos if you wish. Other materials supplied.

November 10 & 11: Not Just a Pretty Face

Two days of experimenting with paint effects and techniques. Paint fascinating and expressive portraits by learning from the masters. Get to know your subjects and how to use the magic of paint to bring them to life! You will experiment with realistic, impressionistic, maybe even abstract faces as you begin to develop your own unique vision and style. You’ll learn about composition, color, layering, and painting techniques. These days promise to be fun and exciting as you rediscover the joy of painting! You will leave with several studies and a finished painting on canvas. Come inspired and leave even more so! Tuition: 170. All materials supplied! Given at Scarlet Star Studios, contact:

Remember, you and a few friends can arrange to schedule a workshop just for you at my studio or at your home!