Monday, January 29, 2007

Collage Workshop pictures

Here are a couple of pictures from last week's collage workshop.

Julianna made two lively and lovely collages. Note the exquisite stitching she used to embellish her collages! Shown below is Linda's dreamy collage made at The Art of Life group.

Diane Havnen-Smith of Innerstandings ( is offering a wonderful workshop on February 17th. The art retreat is led by Stephanie Lee and is called Totally Plastered! Here's some information. To see pictures and/or register go to

From the workshop description:

"Imagine Italian frescoed walls, faded paintings impregnated in the time worn plaster and the energy of the art still after the span of time. Whether you are a beginner or experienced artists, you will enjoy being able to translate this feeling into your own 2 dimensional artwork by learning the basics of working with plaster and plaster-like products. To create deep and rich texture in your piece we will focus on in depth exploration of texturing techniques with trowels, sculpting and casting, painting, tinting, sanding, carving, rolling, etching and writing into plaster. We will also learn various plaster recipes for use in different forms of artwork such as wood, canvas, altered books, jewelry and more. Students will enjoy being able to take home a finished piece and more ideas for future pieces along with a take-home booklet of hints, tips and general information for working with plaster at home."

"Art making can feel dangerous and revealing. Art making is dangerous and revealing." --Ted Orland and David Bayles

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ds said...

Thanks for sharing the creations from the workshop. Looks like a great experience.

I also appreciate the information about the upcoming workshop. Now, if I could just clone myself and expand the hours in a week... I could do it all! hahaha.

Seriously, love the work you're posting. Keep up the creative advocacy, Serena!