Thursday, February 1, 2007

Unlikely Inspiration


Attachment Issues

Signs of Aging

Sometimes when we feel like creating, we aren't sure where to look for inspiration. It helps to be open to looking at usual objects in a different way or looking in unlikely places for colors or shapes that attract us. I'm working on a series of 8" square encaustic* paintngs. They are pretty abstract which is new for me. What inspired these paintings were photos in a book on the restoration of paintings. Each problem in restoration was illustrated with closeups of the problem area. I thought these closeups were absolutely beautiful and I wanted to create paintings inspired by these photos of problem areas. I thought encaustic would give me a lot of freedom to explore more abstract shapes. As I worked on the first three paintings, my "psychological mind" kicked in and I started relating the restoration problems to human issues. My paintings look different from the original closeups but the inspiration got me trying something new and exciting.

*encaustic involves painting, in this case on wood, with liquid beeswax. Different colored pigments are added to the melted beeswax and clear beeswax is also used. Each layer of beeswax is fused to the previous one with heat. (I use a heat gun, propane torch, or sealing iron.)

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ds said...

I like this new direction. I am especially drawn to Bloom and False Aging.

The colors and ethereal qualities of Bloom evoke a European art film sense of movement and life happening all around. And a horizon of light underneath.

False Aging, with the crackled and cracked layers of color, the lines intersecting, and veins of red are very strong. And all of that within a shadowy cave with light breaking through and illumination from above. I want to crawl inside the picture and explore. Either that or hang around outside and watch to see what happens!