Sunday, July 1, 2007

Altered Alchemy Does It Again

Today's Alchemy Workshop was again successful in turning dross into gold! Diane's chosen book for altering was about the glories of Afghan hounds and was published in the 40's or 50's. Diane developed the overdone prose and glamor dog shots into a colorful and gently hilarious art piece. KC's book was from the 30's and purported to give astrological advice (though I can't say I cared much for what it had to say about my sign.)
KC transformed the book into a gorgeous catalog of her heart's desires. Chris continued work on her China journal that has traveled to China and back with her and continues to become more and more magical. Tasha began a new and dramatic book using vibrant colors and arresting images.

Techniques featured today were: photo transfers, the "Unification Theory", unique ways of binding pages, and adding 3-D elements. The next scheduled chapter of this altered book workshop is scheduled for July 22 from 12:30-4. This is open to new and returning alchemists. The tuition is 40. which includes all supplies except your book. Come join us and earn your alchemists' badge!

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