Sunday, September 9, 2007

International Encaustic Artists: Portland Chapter

I recently joined the Portland chapter of International Encaustic Artists, a non profit organization dedicated to supporting encaustic artists and furthering the opportunities for people to see work in this wonderful medium. I went to my first meeting last week and was thrilled to be among others who are in love with beeswax! We talked for hours, trading techniques and viewing each other's work. Encaustic is hot (pun intended) here in Portland.

For those wondering what encaustic is, here's a brief definition.

Encaustic refers to the process of painting with molten beeswax, resin, and pigments that are fused after application into a continuous layer and fixed to a support with heat. Because it cools in minutes, more coats can be added almost immediately. Once the surface has cooled an encaustic painting presents a permanent finish, yet the painting can be revised and reworked at any time. Encaustic can be applied in thin glazes or thickly in relief. It can be scraped, carved, left roughly textured or made smooth.

For a chance to see the amazing variety of effects that can be achieved with encaustic, come to the next First Friday opening at The Art of Your Life Studio. We'll have eight members of the local IEA showing work in our exhibition, Encaustic Romance.
Several members also teach encaustic classes. I'm not yet sure who all of them are, but for starters, you can contact Linda Womack at
and Andrea Benson at

The pictures in this post are by Andrea and Linda who will be in the October First Friday show, along with Amy Stoner, Natasia Chan, Marlene Treyz, Kimberly Kent, Inanna McGraw, and me.

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