Saturday, January 26, 2008

One Ancient Artist Interviews Another / First Friday Show

I recently discovered a blog that got me really excited. Another Oregon Artist, Sue Smith, has a delightful blog devoted to those of us who are "Ancient Artists." I respond deeply to her work and want to show you a few of my favorites. Her blog also addresses issues for artists making a career after 50 and offers wonderful support for those of us who fit this category (and for any artist!)

I sent Sue a post letting her know how much I love her work and her blog and telling her that I am also an Oregon ancient artist. She responded very warmly and let me know she has just started a "Sunday Salon" post where she will interview a new artist each week and show samples of their work. She even asked me if I would be her second interviewee!

Ancient Walls: Lost Vessel
by Sue Smith

I was honored by the offer and had a great time
answering the interview questions she sent me. I think
we should all make a point of being interviewed from time
to time--I learned a lot from the process. I think it will help me to talk about my work moe coherently in future. Thank you so very much, Sue! To see the interview and Sue's beautiful work, go to Ancient Artist. Sue writes on her blog about her eyes being opened to new possibilities by the light and color of Florence, Italy. As it was going to Italy that got me painting, I could appreciate her experience highly. Her ancient wall series captures the look of aging buildings in Italy and New Mexico--my two favorite places!

Ancient Walls: Santa Fe II (Sue Smith)

Ancient Walls: Santa Fe III
(Sue Smith)

Sue also paints stunning oils of the Oregon countryside, such as the one shown here, and of the Italian countryside and towns.

Evening at the Reservoir (Sue Smith)

The Art of Your Life First Friday!

After taking January off, the Art of Your Life Studio will again open its doors for the First Friday Art Show. This month's artist is Lily Witham. Lily, like me, is a lover of the work of Joseph Cornell and is a devotee of the past. Here is how she describes herself:

Born in Memphis, TN 1955. The things I make and my general aesthetic all refer to the funky things I saw all around me while growing up in the South. I am an avid re-cycler, and I love bits of funky detritus from the past. I use house paint, found objects, wood, just about anything I can get for free or cheaply. I have always loved old signage and typography, and feel a very strong affinity for the 19th century. I only use old things as "ingredients" for my tableau boxes. I hate the modern world and have spent most of my life trying to ignore it.

A woman after my own heart!

Know by Lily Witham

You can see more of Lily's art in the SITO archives. I can't wait to see what Lily has come up with for her show!

Here's the information about First Friday.
Hope to see you there!

Valentine's Fripperies
by Lily Witham
Cards, Collages, Assemblages
First Friday: February 1
6-9 PM
The Art of Your Life Studio
1210 SE Oak St.
Portland OR

Member: Central Eastside Arts District

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Emma said...

Oooh, I love that shadowbox! I want to try to stop by. I have the Love Show and another show that a friend of Emily's has some work in so I'm not sure if I'll make it but I really love her work!

I'm so glad you are finding online artist community! I'm really excited about the possibilities of online community + creative community. It sounds like you made a great connection!