Wednesday, February 6, 2008

News and Musings from a Stay Home Day

Today is Wednesday, the day I usually work at home. I think I'm getting the cold that is "going around" as I feel tired and blah physically. Otherwise, I feel good because I am involved in a lot of interesting projects. The first project is to write here--it is such a wonderful luxury to sit at the computer and not have to leave the house today--
that is exciting in itself.

Brian & Katie

Pictures from the First Friday Opening last week at Art of Your Life. The two pieces by Lily Witham are "Risk" and "Two of a Kind".

This was a very fun show, both for the spirited art and
the interesting guests--artists and art-lovers galore!

Laurie & Caryn

I just got the great news that I will be teaching two 4-credit courses Summer Term at the PSU main campus. I have gotten extremely addicted to teaching art related courses with a Women's Studies perspective. This summer I'm starting a new class: "The Illustrated Story of My Life." Students will learn about several famous and not-so women journalists and diarists and how women's and societal issues are reflected in their lives. These journals will also serve as inspiration for the students in starting their own visual and written journals. I'm putting together a slide show of visual journals for the students.

This is where you come in, Dear Reader. Anyone who sends me a jpeg of your journal page or pages to use in the slide show will receive an artistic gifty from me, made especially for you! (Your slide image will, of course, give your name, unless you'd prefer not.)

I'm giving a weekend version of this class in Salem this Friday and Saturday. There are 37 students registered, so it should be challenging and fun. Wish me luck!

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gl. said...

congratulations, serena! i think you found a great place for your talents. women's studies isn't a genre i would have ever thought to suggest, but it 's -perfect-, both for you & them. :)

do you still need journal pages?