Sunday, June 8, 2008

In Which I am Ill for Two Weeks and Counting, But Good Things Happen Anyway

Homeric Pear: collage sold at Jovie in Nye Beach, Newport OR along with two pear paintings

This is a long post. Feel free to take a refreshment break if you need to!

Those of you who know me know that I tend to get colds and flu more than the average person. I attribute this to the huge quantities of antibiotics I consumed as a child and generally lousy heredity in that regard. Imagine how pleased I've been to have had a cold that turned into bronchitis. This is why I've been absent from blog-land for a while. Thanks to my naturopath, I am getting better.

When I'm not feeling well, I try to be careful not to believe much of what I think. My mind loves to torment me with negative thoughts when I'm at my weakest. This time those gremlins didn't get much foothold, as lots of exciting art things have been happening in my life, even as I cough and wheeze.

One negative thought I've had for awhile is about my recently slow art sales. "It's the recession", I whined, "No one's gonna buy art now, wah." Despite this wallowing, I have sold five, maybe six pieces in the last two weeks. I sold three small pear pieces and a midsize painting of artist Marietta Robusti. Thanks to Veronica and Jodi at the magical Jovi in Nye Beach!

Marietta Robusti : Acrylic on Canvas

This encaustic, one of my all time favorites, has left for New York.

Il Destino Encaustic/Collage on Panel

While sneezing and snorting I received the wonderful news that I will be teaching at Art & Soul Retreats in 2009! At least, I'll be teaching at one--don't know about the others yet. I'll be teaching two workshops at Abigail's Retreat to be held here in Portland next February. This is a brand new option: Adults can take the classes along with their 6 and over offspring. The classes are open to other adults as well. Thanks to Glenny and the other jury members--I'm way excited!

Curtain Going Up!

The curtain will soon go up on my show at Onda Gallery in the Alberta District. The show will be called: Driven to Extremes. I'll feature queens, nuns, courtesans, and poets-- all women who found themselves outside the mainstream.

The show opens the Last Thursday of July and will be up for the month of August. I have some of the work prepared, but am further insulting my bronchial system by inhaling oil paint and wax as I frantically work to deadline. Below is a closeup of a work very much in progress. I have just started it with Interactive acrylics; a brand that stays wet longer and comes in glorious colors. Get it at Muse Art/Design. If you buy six tubes you get an introductory set of mediums to make your paint dry slower, faster, smoother, etc.

As yet untitled portrait of Sor Juana Ines de la Cruz (detail). Sor Juana was considered the national poet in Mexico in the 17th century. (This is a work in progress.)

Now this next piece in progress is one of those where you think they're going to go quickly without too much trouble. And then it doesn't happen that way at all and you work on it over and over until you are sick of it. Several times I thought I had it only to wreck it by a false brushstroke. Ok--I started out with the sketch below.

Simple, huh? Done the hard part with the figure, right. Uh-uh. I called my painter friend, Chris, and asked her, "Why do we ruin our paintings?" She said, in her British accent, "It's elves, dear." That being made clear, I moved from acrylic to oil, thinking that might help. Here it is in its present incarnation, all sticky with oil and medium. Doubtless there will be more changes, but my mantra for the next few days is: "Let it dry, let it dry..."

A painting of 16th century Venetian poet and courtesan, Veronica Franco. Still in progress...

First Friday at The Art of Your Life was a blast. This was the first show for accomplished painter, Cynthia Tierney. We had a huge turnout and Cindy's paintings sold like hotcakes. I am so thrilled to have been able to provide Cindy's first exhibit.

The two pieces below are some of Cindy's work.

Jennifer and Adam take a break from viewing to color in The World's Largest Sketchbook.

Cindy's two lovely daughters cope with having their portraits on display.

Some viewers stayed late and chatted about art, astrology, and Many Things...

This cool picture of guests around the food source came out looking all black when I unloaded it from the camera. I equalized it and wha-ha: a grainy avant-garde, tres Parisien photo..

A Couple from the Past hung in the show

Here's my purchase, called "Looking into Vermeer." You can't tell from this photo, but Cindy painted the book so well, that a Vermeer lover like myself could immediately recognize his "View of Delft" on the right.

Water color portrait of one of Cindy's daughters.

Another of Cindy's daughters views her portrait for the first time

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