Sunday, January 18, 2009

Ah, Sweet Miscellany of Life

The Horror, the Horror!

am I publishing these frightful images that should stay locked in a chest at the bottom of the sea? Maybe because the more I desensitize myself the easier it will be to start clearing out the garage-to-be-transformed-into-a -studio. (I need to think of a shorter name, or an acronym.)
Maybe the more I share the truth the more courage and motivation I'll have to start the purge. And maybe I hope the studio fairies will take pity on me and do it in the night while I'm asleep.

The Horror # 2

How Did This Happen?

Besides all the c--p, there are a few cool things in the garage. There are a bunch of vintage doors and window frames, a WWI footlocker (I'm keeping that), a bunch of vintage glass light covers, old stretcher bars (come an' get 'em), squirrels, a hula hoop, old nails, geegaws and doodads, and who knows what else.

This weekend I taught a PSU class, "The Helpmeet and the Courtesan" about Dutch painter Judith Leyster and Renaissance poet Veronica Franco. My camera battery gave out. I then went to my phone camera and one of the students took photos also. It seems my camera battery charger has gone walkabout, but I have another on order. So here a just a few photos of class projects with more to come as soon as I can liberate the images from my camera. This was a very lively and involved group and I had much fun teaching the class. The projects included: painting, assemblage, poetry, fictional diary entries, and collage.

Lisa's first portrait painting on the inside of her assemblage. The image is of Judith Leyster.

Katrina's assemblage, view 1

Katrina's assemblage, inside view

I tried equalizing this seemingly all black picture I took at The Art of Life group several weeks ago. Here are Sarah, left, working on a project, and Jodi, consulting her muse. The image came out yellow, but at least it isn't just a blank anymore.

Sarah and Jodi

I was thinking this is a pretty disjointed post, but it occurs to me there is a theme: Transformation.

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