Thursday, March 5, 2009

SE Artwalk, Vist to another studio, Art of Life group, and a Secret Commission

SE Artwalk

My daughter and I had a great time last weekend, going around to visit several artists we know at the SE Area Artwalk. We were out Saturday, as were lots of others, looking at all kinds of art and craft. Our first stop was to visit long time friend, Laurie Vail. I first knew Laurie when we worked together in the Portland Women's Theater Company in the 80's. We saw each other again at the recent Theater Company reunion, where I found out Laurie is doing sculpture now.

A trellis with a difference

Susan Levine who hosted Laurie and other artists while showing her own great metal work

One of Laurie's pieces. As you can see, my camera malfunctioned and wouldn't focus. Laurie is a member of Pacific Northwest Sculptors. I borrowed a couple of images from their site, (please forgive me) so I could show Laurie's work here. (My camera is now onroute to the place where they either fix'em or say, "Sorry, you apparently poured coffee in it. Too bad.")

Can you believe this metal quail? It's so perfect.

Love this silly rooster. What personality!

One of my absolute favorite's of Laurie's pieces. It seems lyrical and Greek.

Here's Laurie looking concerned as I try to adjust my camera.

After visiting with Laurie and buying one of her trellises (sans spider, alas), we moseyed along to Amy Stoner who was showing her delightful encaustic work. I dragged out my phone and got some pictures.

An enticing encaustic/mixed media piece with netting

Several of Amy's gorgeous works.

My strange little book at Portico.

We went to see the art at Portico, and I saw my work on display there for the first time. The wall art picture didn't turn out, so I just got this one of my little accordian book on the shelf.

Next stop was Cube Gallery on Hawthorne. Owner Kimberly Kent and Linda Womack were showing encaustic work. Linda will be having a solo show at Cube opening March 6.

This was my favorite of Linda's pieces, called "The Right of Nature."

One of my favorites of Kimberley's encaustics

A Vist to Inanna's Studio

Earlier this week, I visited artist Inanna McGraw, at her studio. We first met as members of a cooperative gallery, then later reconnected as members of International Encaustic Artists. I love her work so was excited to see more of it. Inanna's studio is a former garage, so I was eager to see what she had done.

I hope my GASP project (Garage/Art Studio Project) turns out this well.

Inanna in her studio.

I am in love with this piece of Inanna's.

Inanna's pastels

I'm so tickled at how artists have this great little still lifes all around their studios. Thanks for the delightful visit, Inanna!

The Art of Life Group Rocks!

Sarah did this on Tuesday. She's doing loose, layered abstracts with great gusto.

Another of Sarah's new pieces. She did this colorful piece Tuesday also.

I love this Cowboy Primitive piece by Jodi! It reminds me of my childhood.

Cindy used a Random Art Prompt for her piece. Her prompt was to paint a portrait of someone who was not a muscle man, using a Fauvist style.

Cindy's wonderful Fauvist, non-muscle man. She's really going to town with the Art Prompts!

So, you may ask, what am I doing these days? This last week I've been making some rough studies for a new commission. I want to show you, but I can't. The commission is a Secret--a Surprise! I'll be able to show you later when it is all done...

I do have a brand new class coming up--something really different for a studio class!

The Nun, the Entrepreneur, & the Courtesan

What do a nun, a painter and a courtesan have in common? Learn about the fascinating lives and works of Renaissance women Caterina Vigri, Lavinia Fontana, and Veronica Franco. You won't find this juicy stuff in history books! Let these women inspire you to create collage, painting, or mixed media pieces in this unique and informal workshop! All levels welcome.

March 15, 2009 12-5
Tuition: 75. All supplies and light snack provided

The Art of Your Life Studio

1210 SE Oak


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