Wednesday, May 20, 2009

From The Art of Life Group

Cindy's painting from my prompt

Some pictures from my weekly Art of Life group. Above is an acrylic painting by Cindy. Lately she has been working from prompts provided by an online Random Art Prompt site. I forgot to bring new prompts to the group last night, so I made some up, aided by L.K. Ludwig's wonderful book, True Visions. (See link at left.)

Here are my prompts--Can you guess which one Cindy used?

1. Create a visual joke involving the color pink and a midnight clothesline (Thanks to L.K. for the midnight clothesline.)

2. Consider an anxious heart in an abstract expressionist style with one three letter word included in the composition. (Thanks to L.K. for the anxious heart.)

3. Create a visual proof that you exist using a palette of three colors. (Thanks to L.K., whose prompt was "Prove you exist.")

4. A xenolith is a fragment of rock embedded in another rock. Create a xenolithic art work appropriate to today's economic climate, in the style of Matisse. (Thanks to L.K. for the word xenolith and its definition.)

That's right--#4! Here's a closeup.

Cindy's still energized by the prompts so she'll do more from the list next week.

Jodi's powerful collage

Jodi made a beautiful background a few weeks ago using acrylic paint and used teabags. Last night she created an intense collage over the background. Wish this was a better photo! She felt like she was just playing around and was somewhat surprised that the rest of us were blown away by this piece.

Closeup of the dog figure

Closeup of the man figure

Closeup of Sarah's piece

Sarah is working on a large piece for her three year old and newborn nephews. The background has a soft, homespun look created by ink and teabags. I'll post the finished piece soon!

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