Monday, June 15, 2009

Camera Issues, Dragonboats, and Hunting and Gathering

I have a bunch of pictures in my camera that I can't unload. I misplaced the usb cord that connects to it. I ordered two more from an online site that I've used before. They sent the ones that are supposed to fit, but they don't. While I figure out my next move and while I wait to get a reply from the online company, here are a few pictures from other sources.

Dot the tiller for MissFit Dragons at the recent Dragonboats races (at the rear of the middle boat.) I'm so proud of her and all her team. They did great and made it to the semi-finals. Next year, the finals!

The past few years I've been getting rid of a lot of old junk, and am still at it. The garage is cleaned out. The contractor/carpenter, Steve, is building a shed with a gabled roof for us where we can store tools, boating stuff, etc. At the same time, I've found myself stricken with the Hunting and Gathering bug, ostensibly to collect some cool stuff for my new studio-in-progress.

There's something insidious about searching garage sales, antique malls, ebay, craigslist, and etsy for "just a few little things." I'm trying to rein myself in but meanwhile, here are some recent finds:

My ebay santa find. Better pictures to come.
Her painted glass eyes are beautiful.

Some Civil War era "bone" buttons from etsy. Mine are similar to these.

Several etsy sellers have old dolls and doll parts dug up in Germany around a defunct doll factory. I'll be getting one that looks like this. My brother says it's way too creepy.

This pitcher is exactly like the one my family had in the 50's. Apparently ours got broken somewhere in the 80's. I found this one on etsy. I have such happy memories of my mom serving lemonade from it on hot summer days in the 50's.

Nostalgically yours...


Dayna Collins said...

I have the same bug as you and I am constantly looking, cruising, and buying those odd bits and pieces. I love your recent acquisitions . . .

Serena Barton said...

Thanks, Dayna! Give me a call sometime when you're going to go hunting & gathering in the area--I'd love to go along.