Tuesday, April 13, 2010

The Medium

Encaustic Medium (beeswax and microcrystalline wax) on Wood Panel
12" square

I played around some more with this piece and am happier with the new result. I'm getting the hang of the micro wax now, and was able to get a smoother effect all over. I wanted to make the medium more wispy. I blew her hair around and added some deliberate drips. Now she looks like she is in a pleasant trance. Someone from the beyond must be giving her a positive message. (This image is digitally altered as I took the original picture under artificial light so I could post it now. Natural light will provide a better picture later on.)

Sometimes it is hard for me to tell if I like a piece once it is finished, or I think it is finished. Sometimes I try to convince myself I like it when really something is niggling me about it. That's when it's so important to put the piece aside for awhile, which is hard for me to do. I get impatient, and want it to be "right" this minute! This is one good thing about having several jobs (art-making, teaching, and counseling). It's hard to switch gears at times, but getting away from the studio sometimes saves me as much as going into it does. This painting is a case in point. Now I am happy with it, and am okay with it if others like it or not. I need to remember that when this feeling comes over me, to leave the piece alone!

Anyone have any thoughts on that age old question: How do you know when your piece is done? How about you writers out there--do you have as much struggle with this as we visual artists do?

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Dot Hearn said...

Isn't that what "the end" is for? *grin* I don't know about other writers - but I certainly do struggle. Where's the climax? How much after that? Should it be longer? Shorter? But did I pick my audience correctly? Is it too casual/street-wise? Is it too highbrow/snooty (not usually a problem my style has!). Should I say more/less about x/y/z or cut it all together. But if....

...yes... I think we do!