Saturday, October 16, 2010

Student's portrait after da Vinci

The Forgiving Medium at Art and Soul

The students in this class at Art and Soul Portland produced wonderful still lifes and portraits in acrylic. They used pears, apples, and other fruit as models for the still lifes and the portraits were made after the work of master painters.

Apparently my camera malfunctioned and I'm missing several pictures. If you were in the class and don't see pictures of your work here, I'd love it if you'd email me photos of your pieces! I miss them!

Hope you enjoy the photos I do have. I had a great day with all the students who were delighted to find out they could do this excellent work.

Our post-class show

After Picasso self portrait in progress

Portrait after Frida Kahlo begins

Student starts a portrait after Manet

Underpainting for a work after Artemisia Gentileschi

Student begins a portrait after Filippino Lippi

After Suzanne Valadon

After Sofonisba Anguissola (in progress)

After Serena Barton after Filippino Lippi

After Kahlo

After a Greco-Egyptian Mummy Portrait

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After another Mummy Portrait (in progress)

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After Mogdiliani

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After Matisse and a pear duo

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After Manet's portrait of Berthe Morisot

After Artemisia Gentileschi

After a Fayum Mummy Portrait

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