Thursday, March 24, 2011

More Painting Knife Pictures

Acrylic on Wood Panel

Two elements that work for me in creating painting knife pictures is to work rapidly and freely, and to simplify, simplify. I've been having my best success lately working in the studio with a friend or two. As we chat, I develop a relaxed state of mind and feel free to slather on and scrape off paint. I've been working from photos, though the finished products look a lot different.

The painting above reminds me a bit of an early influence on my childhood self: the work of Raoul Dufy.

In the Wood

I worked from a photograph of a closeup of trees in a forest. I slathered and scraped with abandon and I think it worked. It was largely a matter of trust in reproducing what I saw (though in a simplified way.) The picture doesn't resolve until you are far away from it.

Canyon Sunset

I know this piece must be influenced by trips to Northern New Mexico, that most magical of places.


Susmita said...

Wow! I like the one titled "The Woods" most! the confident strokes , the rough blending and yet so stylised!! You are a very talented individual Serena. Am glad to discover your blog.
With best wishes


Serena Barton said...

Thank you Susmita! I went to your lovely blogs and was delighted with them! Juliet of the Spirits is one of my favorite movies also.

Susmita said...

Thank you for your visit Serena ! am watching out for more of your work ... it's a treat!

Dayna Collins said...

I'm loving your finished pieces, Serena. Very successful, beautiful vibrant colors.