Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Playing With New Toys

Don't you love trying out new art supplies? I recently got a delightful encaustic iron and yummy hot sticks at Muse Art/Design. The iron is lighter than my other ones and covers a larger area. The hot sticks are made by Enkaustikos and contain rich encaustic pigment with a metallic sheen. I made this triptych just playing around with the iron and sticks.

Triptych       Encaustic on Wood

 I used the iron to smooth out my base coats of wax, then did a couple of coats in off white. I then melted the hot sticks onto the iron and ran the iron over the piece. I first used a quinacridone gold stick and then a gold pearl stick. Finally, I used encaustic paint on a brush and made the black swirls. As often happens when I'm just playing, I was happy with the result and with the experience itself.

If you don't live here in Portlandia, you can order these supplies and much more here. I love the iron for an interactive experience with the wax, and the hot sticks are delicious!


Bridget B. said...

I like how loose those images are! Fun!

Dot Hearn said...

I love the movement and flow in these pieces. They are both simple and complex, with layers and texture.

And, of course, I like the Eastern aesthetic influence.