Tuesday, August 30, 2011

New Mexico Inspiration

Santa Ana: Patron Saint of Grandmothers
 A couple of New Mexico inspired retablos--thanks to Mary Stilwell for the title of the piece below.

Our Lady of Perpetual Errands


farmlady said...

I had no idea that there was a patron saint of grandmothers. I love this.
I cannot wait for Art Is You in Petaluma. I will be in your class on Friday the 23th. Looking forward to meeting you.

Katie said...

so lovely Serena! New Mexico-endless inspiration!! How true is their motto!

Anonymous said...

Oh these are so beautiful!

Julia said...

Hey! I need a patron saint of errands! either that or the next one that i am just now naming the patron saint of art mules (ie. artists that are always loaded down with art/art supplies/etc.)...what does she look like Serena?

Julia said...

Would love to give honor to your lovely patron saint of errands! we can all use her care...and what about the patron saint of art mules? serena, we need one of her! ie. one that watches over us overloaded artists lugging art/art supplies and more!

Serena Barton said...

That's a great idea, Julia! I'll have to try out something for her.

Serena Barton said...

This is for Judy--I thought I clicked to publish your comment, but it disappeared. You were wondering where to get information on this kind of folk art.

I have seen a number of retablos and ex votos (folk art devotional art pieces) in museums, especially in New Mexico. There are also lots of books and sites illustrating these.

I recently purchased "Art and Faith in Mexico" which illustrates and describes the collection at New Mexico State University. You can find this book on Amazon.

I've also been interested in saints due to my love of Italian art.