Sunday, March 25, 2012

North LIght Photo Shoot

I had a wonderful time visiting Cincinnati for a photo shoot of step by step instructions for my upcoming book. The studio for F + W Media, parent company of North Light Publishing, reminded me of a theater backstage. Because of my many years in amateur theater this atmosphere holds special magic for me. 

Editor Kristin Conlin and photographer Christine Polomsky made me so welcome and put me at ease right away. I wasn't sure what this week would be like. It was hard work and lots of fun at the same time. Viewing a few of the photos Christine took and hearing Kristy's ideas for the book made it all real--the book will be on the stands in about a year!

I took a few photos in the work studio and also some of an interesting, wabi-sabi type car near the parking lot. The latter gave me a chance to play with my photo editing filters a bit.

Christine (left) and Kristy (right)--miss you already!

Lots of supplies and North Light books--just leave me here...
Where I worked each day
Would you like to buy this car? Actually, I kinda would...where to put it...

Inspiration for a painting?

A mixed media piece, maybe?

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