Monday, November 5, 2012

Enjoying the Quiet Days

Now that retreat season is over for the year, I'm enjoying everyday things like hanging out with my 13 year old grandson, cleaning and sorting, and oh, yeah, dealing with the remodeling of two water-damaged bathrooms. Okay, that last isn't everyday, thank goodness.

Dexter and I went to his local coffee shop recently where we spent several happy hours playing a card game he invented. This game is humorous, fast paced, and at times cutthroat. He won. One feature of the game is that when you draw a blank card you can create your own card on the spot.

Dexter makes a new card.

Just a few of the many cards in the game.

My Art of Life women's group met recently. Here are some of the cool things created there:

Cindy painted these three lively dogs as a present for their owner

Kelly's encaustic icon

The "Winter Wax" encaustic show opened last Friday at Milepost 5. The show features work from the International Encaustic Association's Portland Chapter, of which I'm a proud member. Check out the link to see who's in the show and to see a sample of the work shown! I am continually amazed at the variety of effects encaustic can produce!

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