Wednesday, February 27, 2013

A Happy Painting Afternoon

Despite my having been down with the current malaise going around, I was able to lurch out to the studio this afternoon for a few hours of happy painting. I'm still indulging my cold wax/oil obsession which was enhanced by the arrival yesterday of some new paints in the mail.

Work in progress with delicious new paints

Several years ago I was fortunate to stumble onto the Vasari Paint store in Manhattan. The owners are friendly and knowledgeable and make their own paint! Yes, a tiny independent company whose oil paint is the best I've ever used. This is an unsolicited testimonial, by the way:)

Anyway, I got some lovely paint in their earth color sale and look forward to returning to the studio when I feel better. (Soon, please!)


Anonymous said...

It looks beautiful.

Serena Barton said...

Thanks, Deb!