Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Layers of Memory and Imagination at Art and Soul Retreat

Monday I taught my first of four classes at Art and Soul Retreat, here in Portland OR. I had a lot of warm, funny, friendly, brave, and talented students. They experimented with creating complex and mysterious collages that evoked people and eras past. We also played with four kinds of transfers. I was very impressed and delighted with the quality of work that came out of this class. The students had fun and were open to trying new things, which leads to wonderful art! 

I was too excited during our final class moments of picture taking, leave-taking, hugging, etc., so some of the pictures below are blurry and a few didn't come out. Darn. I think you'll get an idea of how fresh and lovely these pieces are.

(To see the fascinating work from my Tuesday class, please visit my other blog, Wabi-Sabi Art Workshop.)

Our Class (minus a few)

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Linda said...

I'm a it envious of those who were fortunate enough to be nearby and able to take a class from you Serena. the projects you've shown are so fantastic!!!!