Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Strata of Time: Work from my cold wax/oil class at collage

Here, at last are some images from one of the classes I taught at Collage on Alberta a couple of weeks ago. I've been longing to show them to you, but I've been lethargic due to a cold, so haven't posted for a while.

Coming up: Images from my other wabi-sabi class at Collage, a hunting and gathering report, and info. on my new DVDs coming up from North Light.

Happy Thanksgiving!

The enthusiastic students played with oil paint, cold wax medium, and mixed media elements. They created lively and stunning work over the two day class. We had so much fun! Cold wax is kinda messy, but so satisfying to work with.


Seth said...

Beautiful work. Must have been a wonderful class!

Serena Barton said...

Thank you, Seth!

I am just starting on a review of your new book for the blogs and amazon. I just love it!!