Friday, April 25, 2014

Pictures from Art and Soul Retreat Portland

Finally, I'm catching up with blog posts. I have lots of wonderful images of student work from my classes at our recent Portland OR retreat. It's taken me a while to collect them from my camera, tablet, and phone. And--we instructors and organizers have been busy preparing for next year's retreat here in Portland!

I'll be telling you about our exciting lineup of classes for 2015 soon but first I want to share this work below.

The first section of photos is from an evening class called "A Strange Little Book." Students decorated pages to become part of an unsewn book. We used cold connections of wire and embellishments to fasten the books. I think this work is awesome, especially as the evening classes are less than three hours!

I'd love to  have some images of these books all completed, hint, hint:)

The pictures below are from another evening class, "Waxing Literary with Charlotte." The students waxed vintage books with encaustic medium and paint. They added collage and embellishments, including a Frozen Charlotte doll in each one. I love how differently and beautifully they all turned out!

I'll soon be posting photos from my class, "Papers Wabi-Sabi" on my other blog. A hint about next year--I'll be teaching the class again with the addition of an evening class with Liz Kettle, who will be showing you how to sew a tote bag from your decorated papers! (If you've taken the class previously, bring those papers to Liz' evening class and sew them up!)

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Linda said...

wow Serena-the collages by your students in both classes is really fantastic!! I especially love the encaustic books. Thanks for sharing these.