Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Great Portraits from "Not Just a Pretty Face" Workshop

Seven courageous explorers attended last Saturday's "Not Just a Pretty Face" workshop held at Scarlet Star Studios. Participants plunged into creating portraits based on the work of Old Masters and Impressionist artists. Several who had never painted faces before did an awesome job by looking at the portraits of the masters and looking for light and dark colors and accents and shapes, and translating these into their own pieces.

Because there was so much to cover, Gretchin Lair of Scarlet Star Studios ( I have decided to offer this as a two day workshop in November. Stay tuned to this blog and the Scarlet Stars site for updates.

As always, the Scarlet Stars workshop studio was comfortable and abundantly full of lovely supplies.

Above you can see some of the amazing work from this workshop.

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Paulette said...

Serena your workshop was great fun! I enjoyed myself so much...I just wish it could have been for longer. ;) Thanks so much for offering this class again! I'm hoping to manage to get my pieces from the class posted on my blog soon.