Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Two May Workshops!

May brings two new workshops at The Art of Your Life Studio!

Assemble Yourself, May 13 10 AM-4PM

Using found objects (old junk and stuff), paper, fabric, clay and more, you’ll create a 3-D collage that expresses your history and your dreams. I'll provide many materials. If you have things you want to include, bring them.

If you are new to assemblage, check out the work of Joseph Cornell at

Cornell was one of the early makers of assemblage. His work inspires all of us today to construct 3-D evocations of our dreams. You can see images of his work above. (Used sans permission but with great reverence and admiration.)

May 13, 10 AM to 4PM. Morning snacks provided. Brown bag lunch. Tuition: 90. Call 971-404-7664 or email to register. Class size limited to 6, so register early!

The Forgiving Medium, May 14 4-7 PM

No, I'm not talking about a compassionate clairvoyant. I'm referring to acrylic paint, and a workshop for beginners. I was asked to do this workshop by a couple of women accomplished in many crafts, who confessed to a Fear of Acrylic. I am excited to teach a beginning acrylic workshop and plan to demonstrate that acrylics can be embraced, rather than feared!

Some of the great qualities of acrylics are: they dry quickly, they have brilliant colors, they are easy to use, they can be painted over as many times as you want, and you can use lots of exciting mediums with them to change the how the paint looks. (If you think the use of the word "exciting" is overblown in connection with an acrylic medium, you may be on the wrong blog. On the other hand, maybe you'll come to this workshop and be convinced of the thrill of painting with acrylics!)

The third image is my painting in acrylic and acrylic medium and molding paste on wood.

Tuition is 50. Supplies will be provided. Just bring your desire to experiment and a brown bag dinner. To register, call 971-404-7664 or email Four openings are available so register soon!

Both the above workshops will be held at The Art of Your Life,

1210 SE Oak St., Portland 97214.

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