Sunday, March 16, 2008

A Huge Goof--Got Advice?

Anguished Guy after Velazquez SB

I can't believe what I have done. Some time ago I arranged for a Russian artist who lives in Alaska to show with me for the April First Friday Show at The Art of Your Life Studio. All this time I've also been planning for the Bi-Coastal Diptych Show, which opens on the West Coast at Brian Marki Gallery--guess when the opening is--right April 4, First Friday.

Auuuuugh, as the Peanuts characters used to say. I can't not hold the April Show at AOYL. I promised the Alaskan artist. I can't not show up at the opening of the Diptych Show. Of course both events are held from 6-9. What to do?

Ok--I'll close the Art of Your Life show early and rush over to Brian Marki. Or I'll go to Brian Marki for the Diptych opening early and open the Art of Your Life show late.

Dear Readers--What Would You Do?


Dot Hearn said...

First - ask for help. (hahaha, I can hear people who know me laughing -- me, ask for help? Maybe cloning myself would be the first step, then thinking I'm superwoman and believing I really can be in both places at once, then asking for help)

...okay...not helpful, I know...

Seriously, is there someone who is approved to be at AOYL who can watch the space while you either show up late or early to the other one? Perhaps someone who is willing to be the name on record and then a friend/partner/daughter who could be the actual greeter and chit-chatter?

Oh, what a dilemma.

Other thoughts: the diptych project has other people there to meet & greet & schmooze and the out of town artist has, well, you. So your presence as far as public connection is needed more at the AOYL - so, if it were me, I'd put more of my time in the AOYL.

And look back at the crowds for AOYL -- heavier at the beginning or the ending? Maybe slice some time off AOYL at whichever end tends to be slower and use that time for the Diptychs.

...and I end up back at the friends who might be able to help...


Judy Wise said...

No advice. Just wanted to say that I love the anguished man in the painting. Okay, advice after all. Spend half the time at each place. Confess your error. Be fine with all of it. xoxo

gl. said...

yes, ask someone to help at art of your life. and then let the rest of us know when you'll be at which event so we can plan our evening to see your diptych!