Tuesday, March 4, 2008

The Three Sisters and Student Show

Rosco by Jean

I've been having a wonderful time working with three sisters. They are nothing like the three sisters of Chekov's play by the same name, who lie around and dream of going to Moscow yet do nothing to make it happen. The sisters I speak of, Mary, Jean, and Susan, do a lot!

"Fresco al Dente" by Jean

They gathered at the Art of Your Life studio to paint together for the first time. Mary was the subject of my first blog entry and has been coming for painting coaching for over a year. She now lives on a farm outside of Lincoln, Nebraska, but comes by to paint whenever she comes back to visit. Jean lives in Corvallis and Susan in Lincoln. Jean has been to several workshops at the studio. I met Susan for the first time last week. She has not painted for many years but was game to take it back up again.

For her first portrait study Jean chose this adorable dog. She did a great job of capturing his liveliness with loose palette knife work. Her second portrait turned out to be reminscent of an ancient fresco--hence the humorous name.

Mary studied Van Gogh's daring brushwork and line. The old fellow looks totally alive in her work. Mary also did her first landscape while the sisters worked together.

I regret that I didn't get photos of Susan's work but she produced two lively still lifes.

These sisters are smart, witty, and full of life. I'm so happy I was able to work with them.

After Van Gogh
by Mary

Mt. St. Helens by Mary

This Friday is the 2nd annual Art of Your Life Student Show. We're having our usual First Friday celebration with wine, food, and lots of art to see. I am so proud of my students and group participants. They are enthusiastic and not afraid to take risks. I am looking forward to seeing their lively work on the walls!

Come by and join us from 6-9 PM Friday at 1210 SE Oak St.

Week before last we
experimented with encaustic
collage in the Art of Life group. In this example
you can see the incising Jodi
added to her wax collage, which
gives extra dimension and
interest to the piece.

Encaustic by Jodi

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