Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Portland Craft Mafia Show This Weekend and Anticipating Vendor Night

I just got the news from Becky Bilyeu, photographer and crafter extraordinaire, that the first ever Portland Craft Mafia Show is this coming Saturday night. I plan to be there for this historic event and hope you will also!

In these challenging times it is so important to support our own and others' commitment to the joys of the creative life. "Craft Mafia", "Secret Society Ballroom"--what's not to like?

I'm busy this week getting ready for my four credit PSU class that starts next week: Women, Creativity, and Healing. Jane Kearney and I are also getting ready for Art and Soul Retreat and the retreat's much-awaited Vendor Night
(October 4.) Jane and I will have a mother and daughter booth there filled with exciting stuff. I'm pretty excited about meeting some of my favorite artists who will be there, waving to vendor friends across the room, and about working with my wonderful artist daughter.
I'll have original art work, large and small reproductions, mini-collages, assemblages, journals, vintage sheet music, magazine pages, and book pages, collage sheets, reproductions of vintage postcards, and more. I will also have hard cover and soft cover copies of my book available.

Samples of vintage postcard and sheet music reproductions available

Mini Collage: St. Margaret 2.5" square

A Merry Dance 3.5" x 2.5"

Small Journal

Jane the Queen Acrylic/Collage 6" x 4"

Grail Collage/Acrylic 5" square

Photograph by Jane Kearney

Daguerrotype by Jane Kearney

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