Saturday, September 6, 2008

PosterGarden Show and Demos/Restocking Etsy Shop

Linda Womack demonstrates encaustic techniques to a rapt audience

Kimberly Kent, Linda Womack and I had a blast last night demonstrating encaustic at the First Thursday Opening at the PosterGarden in NW Portland. We took turns with the demos and were again amazed at how differently we use the materials. Lots of the folks at the show had never seen encaustic work, let alone seen the process done.

I took pictures of all our work on the wall, but my hand was not too steady (no, I just had a little white wine) so some were blurry. Mine, of course. I do have a piece I created during my demo, with advice from a delightful ten year old artist.

Madonna di Bologna

A blurry photo of my wall

Kimberly discusses her art with a visitor to the show

A blurry photo of Kimberly's wall

A blurry photo of Linda's wall

Despite the lack of photographic expertise on my part, the show itself was arranged beautifully. Thanks to Julie Landau of PosterGarden for inviting the three of us to this lively, fun event!

I've had a mixed relationship with etsy. I love this site that showcases and sells handmade art and craft as well as vintage materials. I've found it hard to find time to promote my etsy shop, artbyserena, but have decided to give it another go. I'll be restocking my shop daily for the next week with Affordable Art. Hope you'll visit and see what's new! My grandson has a shop that he has been neglecting also, but he's lately expressed some interest in restocking his shop also. I'll keep you posted.

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