Monday, December 8, 2008

An exciting and busy week with vacation to follow

Vacation Time!

Oaxaca City, Oaxaca
copyright Suzanne Barbezat

In two days my partner and I will be headed to Oaxaca, Mexico! I really can't believe it yet. My partner is going there to take a writing workshop from Ariel Gore, nationally known writer and founder of Hip Mama, who lives here in Portland. I am going to soak up sun, get artistically inspired, and see if I can remember how to do almost nothing!

Last evening, my son and his partner came by to bring early Christmas presents that we could use on our trip. We each got a delicious looking book and a clip-on light for airplane or late night reading! Perfect! I got The Savage Detectives by Chilean writer Roberto Bolano. I started it this morning and am looking forward to more.
Ian, Ruby, and Lester (in lap)

This past week I made it to both First Thursday and First Friday. We went to the First Thursday show at Waterstone Gallery in the Pearl, especially to see work by Jean Clugston. I've known Jean's daughter, Hillary Reno, for a couple of years. Hillary is a Women's Studies graduate and the administrator of the WS office at PSU. She is a delight, and she has been wanting me to meet her mom, Jean, for a long time. It was great to meet Jean and see her amazing paintings.

If you're interested in powerful and gorgeous small works, visit Waterstone this month to see Jean's work and that of other artists.

Jean came to my First Friday Opening the next night. As we chatted, we discovered that we had many things in common. Then I noticed that Jean was wearing a bracelet made by my daughter, Jane Kearney, that she got at Guardino Gallery. Another connection!

I always run into friends at openings. Here are Glenn, KC, Jean, and Dot

Jean used a brayer for these three paintings. She said she was tired of her brush, and felt more inspired using a brayer. The wonder of these paintings of New Jersey is far greater than I could capture with my new camera. Hope you'll check them out in person!

First Friday was the opening at Cube Gallery on Hawthorne. Owner Kimberley Kent invited Mandy Main and me to show our encaustic work with her this month.

One of Kimberley's gorgeous paintings, showing the influence of her beloved Hawaii.

Kimberley's plein air paintings, inspired by her world travels

More evocative and colorful work by Kimberley

Mandy's lucious landscapes

One of my favorites of Mandy's

Mandy Main, Bruce Kent, and Kimberly Kent. Bruce will show his incredible photographs at Cube February.

Mandy, Me, and Kimberly in front of my work

Saturday was the annual Holiday Show at the studio/office I share with Diane Havnen-Smith. She and I and Jane Kearney showed art and craft of many kinds.

Diane's unique face boxes

I had to get this decorated copper vase for myself. Thanks, Diane!

Jane and I share a wall for mixed media small works

Last Wednesday night was the last meeting of my "Women, Creativity, and Healing" class through PSU. I'll miss this special group of women! For the last class we had individual presentations given by class members on a wide variety of topics having to do with women's creativity and healing. The presentations were all fascinating and fun, ranging in subject from crockpot creativity to the work of feminist writer bell hooks. Each presenter did and/or led the class in a creative acitivity.

Maryanne led us in acting a scene from "The Ya-Ya Sisterhood." Hannah is on the right, looking like she was born to wear her lovely headdress.

Maryanne and I encact a mother-daughter reconcilation.

Kellee and others join in the Sisterhood Ceremony

The students work on an altered book throughout the term. Getting to see them all at the end of class is like opening a bunch of wonderful presents!

Here they all are!

Jae altered a large book on England's royal family. I love how she made use of the original picture in this collage.

This page by Kellee is breathtaking in its eloquence

Hannah's astute and powerful take on body issues for women

Debbie's inspiring and creative fold-out pages

Deana did these gorgeous pages

Brandy made pocket pages full of messages

Abby's bold exploration of past and present

Brandy made these drawers in her book--clever!

Maryanne's joyful pleasures pages

Lisa used her favorite symbol, the eagle, to inspire her book

Colorful and lively pages by Yasemin

Sarah 's book has bright free-form cut and scribbled pages

Katrina's vibrant book reflects her goal to keep creativity flowing as a mom and student

Nancy creates wonderful pressed flowers. Here she has suspended these in a niche covered with soft net on one of her pages.

Thanks to all the brave and caring women of the class!

One more piece of news--my partner, Dot, has completed her NaNoWriMo novel in a month project! Congratulations, Dot! Visit her blog for more about this achievement!


Judy Wise said...

Oaxaca!! Sending my love with you on your journey; oh, I'm so happy you are going to my favorite place. And all this activity; I really don't know where to start. You are living large; all of it so wonderful. Sending with you on your way is all my prayers and wishes for a wonderful time and new discoveries. Cannot wait to see the evidence! xo

Serena Barton said...

Thanks, Judy! I appreciate your encouragement and role modeling! The trip was wonderful!

Suzanne said...

Hi, I enjoyed reading about your time in Oaxaca. As an artist, I think you can probably appreciate how it would feel if someone used some of your work and didn't credit you for it. The photo at the top of this post was taken by me. You can see the original here:
Would you please list it as copyright Suzanne Barbezat. Thanks.

Serena Barton said...

Suzanne, I am so sorry! I certainly do know how you feel, and I feel terrible that I used your photo without your permission. Thanks for letting me know, and I will certainly give you credit immediately. It's a beautiful photograph. Thanks for being so polite about my infraction and I will be careful not to repeat the offense!