Sunday, November 23, 2008

A Painting is Completed and I Announce New Classes

Wil Continues to Work Upside Down (the painting, not him)

Last week I promised to show you the completed painting by a new coaching student. Above and below he works with the reproduction he's painting from upside down so that he can see it as a series of shapes. He also turns his painting upside down--it works great for him!

Almost there...what glowing colors and an emotive portrait

The completed painting. Wow.

Wil finished his painting today. Now he
may go back later and adjust it a little...but he wisely left it at my studio until his next coaching session. He feared he might mess with it too much if he took it with him. Better to give it some time and then decide. How often have I regretted not doing that? My favorite feedback on my work is, "It's perfect, don't touch a thing!" My least favorite is, "Oh. I liked it better before." Patience and taking breaks from the work are keys to not "over-egging the pudding."

I'm excited to be offering several new classes in 2009. Here's a preview:

The Nun, the Entrepreneur, and the Courtesan

March 15 12-5
Tuition: 75. All supplies and light snacks provided.

What do a nun, a painter and a courtesan have in common? Learn about the fascinating lives and works of Caterina Vigri, Lavinia Fontana, and Veronica Franco--you won't find it in history books! Taking these women as your muses you'll make a creation or two, choosing among collage, painting, mixed media pieces, or assemblage. Let these women inspire and motivate you in this workshop version of my popular Portland State University classes.

Papers Primavera

April 19 12-4

Tuition: 65. All supplies and light snack provided.

Celebrate spring by creating delectable hand-embellished papers! You'll learn how to create your own moldable form stamps and to use them along with inks, markers, acrylic paints, and other media to decorate tissue and Asian papers. You'll leave with a collection of unique papers for future art projects and gift wrapping.

Journal to the Center

June 14 12-5
Tuition: 70.

Most supplies and a light snack provided.

You'll bring a blank journal to begin your artful descent to your center with visual journaling! You'll receive written and visual prompts to inspire you to begin writing and illustrating your experiences, thoughts, and feelings. Whether your subjects are profound or everyday, you will create a lavish and enticing book in which to record and honor your life.

If you aren't subscribed to my email newsletter and would like to be, contact me and I'll add you to the list to get the latest on events and classes.

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Dayna Collins said...

Serena, oolaalaa, your classes look divine. I have just printed them all out and will sit down with the OCAC schedule and your class list and see what I can afford!