Saturday, September 5, 2009

Hunting and Gathering Bulletin and GASP Report

Rancho Deluxe

What a great day. Hunting and Gathering today and going to
Ten Tiny Dances at TBA in the evening. If you've never seen Ten Tiny Dances--do! This event happens twice a year, one time being during TBA (Time Based Art.) It's always different and always wonderful. As I'm typing this I'm hearing a medly of Reba McIntyre songs. Dot is preparing to interpet her concert, so now it's All Rita, All the Time. Okay by me.

Today's H and G bulletin and a brief GASP report. I kept the H and G to a minimum, hitting just two stores. I've been wanting to go to the celebrated Rancho Deluxe for some time since I read about it on Dayna Collins' blog. This antique and junque store is only open on Saturdays!

(I seem to be going for a link record in this post...)

I finally made it there and came back with two grab bags, a funny tree thingy, and for a dollar I got a play diamond necklace and a bug encased in hard plastic. Lots of stuff for art in the grab bags. The funny tree thingy and the bug will be perfect for my studio. If any of you are familiar with
Interior Alchemy by Rebecca Purcell, you'll notice that I seem to be going for an Alienated decor.

Funny tree thingy, faux diamond necklace, and a bug-in-a cube

Closeup Bug

Purcell defines the Alienated style as "an otherworldy tableau...combining vintage pieces, strange flora and fauna, and humble man-made objects that are modern or futuristic in a naive sort of way with various Gothic embellishments...Think of it as future Gothic and you'll get it immediately."

Grab Bag #1

Grab Bag #2

Purcell's Alienated style is perfectly realized in my favorite shop, Flutter, whose praises you've seen sung here before. They have exquisitely, heart-breakingly beautiful re-imagined vintage dresses that I desperately wish had been around when I was 20. They also have taxidermy, a whole suitcase full of vintage postage stamps, and way too much inspiring stuff to list.

Flutter's Alienated Interior

Restraint was my watchword today. I came home with just one thing from Flutter. One perfect thing. (See below.)

Bird's Nest with Eggs from Flutter


The studio is getting so closed to being finished! It's insulated, the egregious garage door is removed and replaced with a nice new wall. It's hard to believe I'll be in there in less than a month.

Of course a new studio, teaching at Art and Soul, participating in
Open Studios, and teaching a few weekend courses for PSU weren't enough to schedule for September. As my therapy office mate, Diane, and I both have our own studios now, we're downsizing the office and moving this month! Geesh. Wish me luck!

No more ugly old broken garage door

Cement River where the concrete was repaired. I know I can
do something cool with this "river, I just know I can...

Studio is starting to look human with a new door

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Dayna Collins said...

I'm glad you made it to Rancho Deluxe! And isn't Flutter a lovely store?? Such a treat to read your blog and get caught up on what all you're doing.