Sunday, September 20, 2009

GASP--The Studio is Finished!

My encaustic area and major storage. (Okay, the one undone
bit of construction is the exhaust fan. You can see where it is going to be at
the top of the picture.)

I can't really believe it! After so many months and after days and days of my friend Julia and I painting until our eyes were crossed--the GASP project is finished!!
Today we actually got to the fun part of arranging furniture and decorating. Next week I'll move in the large bookshelves and tables. It looks like a real studio! Can you tell I'm excited? Waaahooo! Yee-ha!

Here are a few vignettes that I hope will whet your appetite to come see me at Open Studios, the second and third weekends of October.

I'll see some artistic-minded clients here and hang out with friends

Closeup of sitting area

Corner of what I'm starting to call the "Rococo Bathroon"

More of the bathroom

Top of the entryway cupboard

Cupboard shelves with old treasures and garage sale finds

Closeup of Goodwill armoire, all dressed up to celebrate

Have I mentioned how excited I am?


gl. said...

looks great! wish i could be there to see it.

Buena Onda said...

The studio is a piece of art in itself.

Dayna Collins said...

Oooolala! You must be beside yourself with excitement. Your studio is gorgeous!