Monday, January 18, 2010

Charlotte Assemblages and PSU Class

Right side of "Victorian Spirit"

This month has been so busy, especially the last week. I'm busy teaching PSU classes, seeing clients, and taking care of all the business details we all must attend to. I gave a presentation on women artists of Bologna to a wonderful audience from the Portland-Bologna Sister City Association. I have had
some time to make art, and am currently playing with Frozen Charlotte assemblages. In the assemblage above and below, I started with a doll head and torso. I added arms and legs and a little dress made of teabags.

"Victorian Spirit" Assemblage

"The Third Apparition"

"Rule, Britannia"
This doll started out as just a head and shoulders.

Closeup of Above

Here are some great pictures from this weekend's PSU class, "Emerging from the Shadows", about Marietta Robusti, a Renaissance painter and Camille Claudel, the 19th century sculptor. The students each make a creative piece based on the artists and issues discussed in class. Several students used as their inspiration this familiar picture of the French sculptor.

Camille Claudel

April's first drawings ever, of Camille and Marietta Robusti, Renaissance artist.

Beatriz sculpted this piece representing Camille
and her lover, the sculptor Rodin.

Chelsey made her first sculpture, referencing Camille
and a painting by Marietta.

Fatima did an abstract piece on Camille Claudel

Karleah's first ever painting represented "The Wave" by Claudel

Melissa's mixed media collage for Camille

Monica's first ever painting honored both artists

Corinne did her first sculpture which represents Claudel and Rodin

Neomi's mask represents Camille

Tina made this mixed media tribute to Marietta Robusti,
the daughter of Tintoretto.

Young Vivianna visited the class with her mother, Beatriz. She cut right to the chase with this drawing from Camille's photograph.

I'm proud of the risks these students took to try something new--great work, ladies!


Dayna Collins said...

I love your Charlotte assemblages! I, too, have a fondness for the little ladies.

dewatobay said...

Serena, so glad to have found your blog - so much art, so much information.