Saturday, January 30, 2010

A Little Hunting and Gathering

A Lovely Day for a Picnic By the River

How I miss garage sale season. Today I found a few things at Flutter and Porch Light on Mississippi Ave. At Flutter I found a page from a photograph album showing lovely citizens of Maine disporting themselves by a river. I'd like to take a brief time travel trip and join them.

I want to be the one in the white dress and hat.

This young man below is feeling good about himself. The gold arrow thing in the right upper corner is a strange kind of photo mount.

At Porch Light they had some very small leather books with various contents. I chose one with satiric poems by W.S. Gilbert, of the famous Gilbert & Sullivan duo.

Here Gilbert describes being haunted by the
ghosts of his many social gaffes

I scanned these at high resolution so I can
use them as backgrounds, etc. Weird illustrations!

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Jessica - Domestic PDX said...

I've been missing garage sale season, too! Even the estate sales have been slow this winter. Your photo finds are great. Vintage picnic scenes are a particular favorite of mine!